Charging cable Type 2 to Type 2 32 A 7.4 kW | green | spiral 5m


Parameter Value
Manufacturer: DUOSIDA
Number of phases: single phase
Cable specification: 3 x 6 mm² (L1, N, PE) + 2 x 0.5mm² (PP, CP)
Maximum current: 32 A
Operating voltage: 240 VAC
Power: 7.4 kW
Contact resistance: max. 0.5 mΩ
Operating cycles: > 10,000 on and off cycles
Work temperature: -30 ° C to 50 ° C
Connector from the electric car: Type 2 female, standard IEC62196-2
Charger station connector: Type 2 male, standard IEC62196-2
Cable type: spiral
Length: 5 meters
Degree of protection: IP44
Cable color: green
Connector color: white
Certificates: CE, TÜV, IEC, RoHS
Warranty: 24 months
Weight: 2,700 kg.


Take advantage of the convenience of spiral cables for charging electric cars – convenient, compact and practical. You do not have to wind this cable every time after use and you can quickly and easily put it in the trunk of your car without taking up much space. When connected between the station and the electric car, it is always stretched in the middle and does not touch the ground, so it is always clean. The green color contributes to better visibility during the dark part of the day, so that no passer-by stumbles.

Type 2 connectors allow charging of electric vehicles and Plug-in hybrids designed for the European market (IEC 62196 standard).

Additional information

Weight 2 kg


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