SUNRA Hawk electric scooter 1800 watts | Li-ion | blue mat

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Parameter Value
Manufacturer: Sunra
Model: Hawk Li-ion
Engine: constant current, collectorless
Rated power: 1800 watts
Maximum power: 3000 watts
Controller: sinusoidal, 72 V 1800-3000 watts
Batteries: 72 V 20 Ah, removable lithium-ion LiNiMnCoO2 (nickel-manganese-cobalt) with cells 18650; option second battery and total capacity with two: 72 V 40 Ah
Mileage (72 V 20 Ah): 65 ± 5 km. *
Mileage (72 V 40 Ah): 120 ± 5 km. *
Charger: 72 volts 3 A
Charging time: 4-6 hours
Battery life: 1000 cycles (at 80% discharge)
Battery weight: 12 kg. (one box), 24 kg. (two boxes)
Maximum speed: 45 km / h
Mileage: Digital
Suspension :: front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers
Wheels / Tires: 12 inches; front 110/70/12; rear 120/70/12
Brakes: front hydraulic disc / rear drum brake
Lights: LED – dimensional, short and long
Wheelbase: 1325 mm
Climb slope: 23% (1 guide up to 70 kg.)
Total weight: 110 kg. / 250 kg. technically permissible mass
Colors: blue mat; black; gray
Dimensions: Length: 190 cm, Height: 113 cm (without mirrors), Width: 71 cm, Seat height: 80 cm (Seat A), 87 cm (Seat B), Seat length: 80 cm
Warranty: 24 months scooter; 24 months batteries
Weight: 95,000 kg.


Sunra Hawk Li-ion is a fast, cheap and fun solution for dealing with your daily transport needs. The fast acceleration possible thanks to the 1800 watt electric motor provides the necessary level of safety, while at the same time helping you to easily handle traffic.

The main advantage of this model are lithium-ion batteries. Apart from the fact that you can choose a variant with one or two batteries (which depends on what mileage you will have), the technology of the batteries itself makes them more durable (1000 cycles at 80% discharge) compared to lead-acid. Another key advantage is the ability to be removed from the moped and recharged elsewhere.

The ride is comfortable, thanks to the hydraulic shock absorbers and 12-inch tires, and the great design is complemented by a digital dashboard with electronic mileage and speedometer, and you can also monitor the battery level. An interesting extra of the specific model is the built-in music player and speakers, through which you can listen to music while driving.

Additional information

Weight 120 kg


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